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  1. Hi All Credit to the author of this site, its fantastic knowledge. 1up! I have recently been tasked to re-image 45 PCs across several sites in the next 24 hours. I was hoping to run a unattended OSD (SCCM 2012 CU3) which would capture the PCName / Domain settings and apply our new (fat) image (55GB). Now I have captured the image that I want and I have created an OSD for my choosen collection. The OSD Deploys to the collection but I find that OSD is stuck at "Installing" status for the past couple of hours with a reboot in sight. I have used CMTrace on the old PC and Server but none of error relate to the time its was launch. The only error I had was network access account which has now been fixed. Please could someone offer some advice on what I should be looking for? Thank you ixpnet I have attached a couple of photo of my setup. Happy to upload logs if needed.
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