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  1. For those that may be interested, I did find a blog post finally that gets me a little closer towards my goal. Here is the link for those that might like to read through it.
  2. Here's the link I was looking for. Anyway, I can import machines manually just fine as the full administrator for our entire primary site. The people to whom I've delegated smaller sections of control (i.e. several security roles, a custom security scope, and their own custom "root" collection) can't import machines because they can't import into the collection I've directly assigned them nor can they import into "all systems." I'm stumped. I appreciate the thought Tay, but your solution seems a bit more complicated than I'd like to tackle if only because it involves getting the networking team involved.
  3. They definitely didn't get rid of manually adding new computer information in 2012, anyweb has a guide on it on this site. I'll dig it up and link it here.
  4. That's a good point Tay. We manually import computers when we get new machines not before in our organization. We manually import them so that we can then PXE boot for re-imaging purposes. True, their root collection is query-based, but they create all kinds of direct membership collections and manually add new machines in to any number of other locations.
  5. Hello All, I'm currently banging my head against a problem that I'm sure has a simple solution that I just can't see through the weeds right now. Thus I'm turning to you other gurus to see if you can help open my eyes! First, a little background: as I'm sure is common, we have one primary site (no CAS) and I have several divisions who all are their own Config Manager administrators for their own areas. Thus, I've been thankful for Roll Based Administration in Config Manager 2012 to give me better control over the granular security necessary to accomplish this without utilizing separate sites for each political unit. I've run into a snag with importing new computers by MAC address and Computer Name though. The new collection system holds that each collection has to be limited by another. I don't want to give access to "All Systems" to each Config Manager admin, so I create their own "root collection" which is based off of an AD query of their division's root OU in Active Directory. I then directly assign this collection to them in place of "All Systems" using the security section of the Administration work space. However, it turns out that Microsoft says no one can "modify" or "delete" a collection that is directly assigned to them in this fashion, which in turn means they cannot import new machines (via right-clicking on devices and choosing "import computer information"). They also can't import new machines into "All Systems" because they don't have those privileges. Therefore, they are stuck. Like I said, I'm sure this situation has to have an easy answer that I'm missing. Can anyone provide some insight here? Can I grant these departmental admins just enough rights to "All Systems" to read that collection and also to import new computers to it but nothing else (i.e. I can't let them deploy to it). Thanks in advance for any insight the community can provide! Regards, Ben
  6. This appears to have been caused by a typo in the Network Access Account's password. *sigh* Seems to be working after I re-entered the credentials.
  7. I'm following the guide located here: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4468-using-sccm-2012-rc-in-a-lab-part-7-build-and-capture-windows-7-x64/ to create a build & capture task sequence and I've gotten all the way to the point where I PXE boot my virtual machine (using VMware Workstation 8.x) and the TS continually fails. I'm not able to glean much from the smsts.log file. It always fails at the step "applying operating system." I've attached my SMSTS.log file and a screen shot of the virtual machine as it sits at the failure notification. Any insight the community could provide, I would be grateful for! Thanks in advance! -Ben SMSTS.log
  8. I'm trying to plan for SCCM 2012 and I'm curious if anyone has a good idea what I can expect for SQL database growth? Or put another way, tools or other methods available to help me scale out the database server? I'm guessing around 4,000-5,000 clients will be reporting in to this system. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Ben
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