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  1. Thanks rocket man for your answer. Seems like I have found the issue. The Domain Admins changed some security groups and the service account for the domain join lost some rights
  2. Hi Folks, I hope you can help me here or point me to the right direction. The problem I face is a failing domain join out of one tasksequence, when it is running on an Optiplex 9020. If I run the same task sequence on an Optiplex 7040, or on a Toshiba Notebook, the domain join runs smoothly out of the same task sequence. I'm pretty sure it is not an driver issue, because when I log in to the staged computer and add it to our domain with the same credentials provided in the task sequence, the join is successful without an error. Google pointed me to the c:\windows\pather\unattendedGC\
  3. Hi all, I was registered yet but this site really helped me so much in the last years, so I hope I can help others here. But I really have a weird problem: We are running SCCM1602 on a Win2k8R2. I wasn't able to add Win10 drivers so I finally found I have to install two hotfixes ( https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3025419 ) Since I've installed the hotfixes I was able to add the W10 drivers but unable to distribute them. distmgr.log MoveFileW failed for E:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\BFF7\BFF75C83CB901CD8F0EA2115118A6EC9CDDFF09E0FBDD26E249E8F75BE3599ED.INI to F:\SCCMContentLib\File
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