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  1. what i done so far... Install Routing & Remote Access -> open up the RRA control panel -> add server = this computer. -> Right-click SERV1 and start Configure Wizard -> choose Remote Access -> VPN -> choose interface... (one has static, the other is dynamic) choose interface turn off "Enable security" (first time around i didnt do this, and had to run to the server room to cancel everything as i lost Remote Desktop and users couldnt login !!! - i guess my physical firewall better get involved at some point) -> choose Auto not Range for DHCP (should i use another range? my office scope is large) -> choose No (we dont use RADIUS) -> finished Message: you must configure DHCP Relay Agent So i wait for RRA to start -> rightclick on DHCP Relay Agent -> properties and enter -> ok Now what? when i get home i'll try with my user account - i've already gone into AD and checked my account has 'Allowed' on Dial In. But i'm sure theres a lot more to it... My firewall is a nightmare piece of equipment, but i think i have got my user account has unlimited everything. Now i'm stuck. ++ anyweb ++ thanks for the link. i'll look into that... hum, i just saw that this method is for routers/firewalls that do not support vpn technology - but mine do, so is really the only/best way? Thanks. update: my RRA is working - i just created a new Network Connection on my xp, to and it all worked. what now anyone?
  2. Hi, can anyone help... We have a windows 2003 domain with xp machines - the server has AD, DHCP, and a few other bits and bobs. server=, all xp's=192.168.10.x, gateway= Its connected to a switch along with all clients, and it all works well. The switch is connected to a physical firewall ip= But the firewall has another cable with ip=, gw=, which goes to the Cisco Router (provided by isp) which i assume has ip= and has a public ip from our isp of not the real ip as i'm setting vpn Now one chap needs to work from home (and it would be good if i could as well) where he has a isp modem also giving out dhcp to his home computers - lets say is it possible i can set up vpn with my 2003 ? do i have to get 3rd party software? i'd like to able to use Remote Desktop to work on various machines. i havent found any documents about this kind of setup. Thanks.
  3. so after Part 2 step 4 i now have listed on the right of my "XP Captured Images" TWO images with the same name !! And my pc still wont do anything other than WDS Capture Image (i wish we'd gone with Ghost! - this is so ridiculously complicated) Any tips PLEASE
  4. Hi, please can you help a noob. We have added a Windows2008 server running WDS, and have been happily following your great tutorials... But theres a point where it says make sure you've sysprepped the machine we want to image. The link is broken. We searched everywhere, and cannot find exactly what we need to do. Our perfect XP machine, with software, customizations, etc is just waiting to be imaged.... My attempts so far either make the machine turn off, as per instructions, but of course i cant grab an image, or it reboots and i have to go through various setup wizards to get back to where i was before!!! so can anyone please tell me what i have to do to get my XP image ready for WDS to Capture it. Thanks
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