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  1. Hi Andrew, Both machines are reachable from the server, have the Network Location Awareness service running and both have the firewall switched off. Thanks, Niall
  2. Hi, We have around 500 machines deployed across multiple sites which we have noticed that around 60% of these are now showing inactive. As a comparison, I have found 2 machines, one active, one inactive, both from the same site in the same boundary, to try and figure out why they may be inactive. I Have attached multiple logs for both machines, does anyone have any insight into what may be causing this? We are currently running on 2012 R2 SP1. server 2012 R2 Any other suggestions on where to begin to look or if there are any other server/client logs to go through, would be great . (ACTIVE) CAS.log (ACTIVE) CcmExec.log (ACTIVE) ClientIDManagerStartup.log (ACTIVE) StatusAgent.log (INACTIVE) CAS.log (INACTIVE) CcmExec.log (INACTIVE) ClientIDManagerStartup.log (INACTIVE) StatusAgent.log
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