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  1. You could also run the query to check for a battery without needing the MDT gather step Select * from Win32_Battery where Batterystatus > 0
  2. Original Bios v1.05 Upgrade Bios v1.08 Bios Configurator v. Windows 10 v1607 Laptop: EliteBook 1040 G3 I'm trying to setup SCCM to automate configuring a BIOS password, enabling the TPM and storing the details in AD. I'm worndering if anyone has this setup as I'm running in some issues. Setup. 1. Created a BiosPassword.bin file from the password configurator - works 2. Created a package in SCCM with the required files 3. Created TS step to set password - BIOSConfigUtility64.exe /npwdfile:BiosPassword.bin - works 4. Created step to Enable TPM - BiosConfigUtility64.exe /SetConfig:EnTPM1040G3.REPSET /cpwdfile:BiosPassword.bin - fails Failure message: <ERROR msg="Unable to process command. Password is set, but no password file is provided" /> <ERROR msg="BCU return value" real="10" translated="10" /> Failed to run the action: Enable TPM for HP EliteBook 1040 G3. The environment is incorrect. (Error: 0000000A; Source: Windows) Testing: The TS complains about the password file yet it's the same bin file used to set the password. 1. Created a joint step to set password and enable TPM but fails with the same error - BiosConfigUtility64.exe /SetConfig:EnableTPM1040G3.REPSET /nspwdfile:BiosPassword.bin 2. Ran the file directly from a PC - file runs and the password is accepted but I cannot change TPM activation policy so prompted for F1 on a manual reboot TPM Activation Policy, F1 to Boot Allow user to reject *No prompts 3. Upgraded the Bios but I get the same two failures. 4. Placed a restart computer step into the TS after the Enable of TPM but makes no difference as initial file fails to run. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Don't know why I getting failed password response since the same bin file is being used. Also don't want users to be prompted to enable TPM as this removes the zero touch deployment.
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