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  1. The "windows-noob.com Fronted HTA v1.0" Task sequence has two "State Restore" phases. Both of them have this condition: If Any the conditions are true: usmtdropdown equals SMP DeploymentType equals refresh I see that usmtdropdown variable is set in the New Computer Deployment Type to restore user state, and in Reflesh Deployment type doesnt it either. where do you make backup to SMP?? It isnt in this TS?
  2. P@docIT Can you show me your TS? I need the same and dont know where to put it in the TS (Where do you call the script and restore network setting phase?). Thanks in advanced
  3. Thanks for all your posts. I've learnt a lot. I use your FrontEnd HTA tool and i wondered: is there a procedure to retain the static ip entered during the winpe phase? I use statics IP addresses (No PXE & DHCP) I answer myself: I've added 2 phases in your Task Sequence (yes, i use your worderful TS. Thanks!!!); 1. Run Command Line (before Apply Operating System Imagen phase)--> cscript scripts\ZTINICConfig.wsf /ForceCapture 2. Run Command Line (after Apply Windows Settings phase) --> cscript scripts\ZTINICConfig.wsf /RestoreWithinWinPE First, I try to follow some posts like this (http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4700-network-install-using-boot-media-no-dhcp/) but it doesnt work for me
  4. Hi, I have a problem with Windows Update Agent and SCCM Update Agent. I have supress reboots in the Deployment Management in SCCM then, as expected, when a reboot is required a red icon appear. But at the next day the WUA window is showed and it allow a delayed restart in 10 minutes, 1 hour or 4 hours. I don't want that the WUA window appear and allow the users to reboot whenever they want. Anyone know a solution?. Thanks in advance .
  5. I have installed 3 Sites: 1 Parent Site and 2 Child Sites I have added some packages and advertisement to the parent site and them are transferred correctly to the child sites, but when I remove a package or an advertisement from parent site it isn't removed automatically from the child sites and i cant remove then manually. What's wrong? What should i do? Thanks in advance
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