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  1. so here is my issue. i am trying to create a updated image to deploy. i created the updated image and deployed it but when i do it doesnt auto join my domain and add my default profile. im assuming that its not completing the sysprep at some part, either when i capture the new image or when its running on the task sequences. my old capture works just fine but when i try the new one it wont. the task sequence is identical on both. on the new image when it installs, it still has the administrator profile from the OS i used the capture the image which is what im thinking its not doing the sysprep on the capture but im new at this and still learning so im not sure. neither the capture or the install give me an error. here is the link to the logs files. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B86v2JnOCBOwbURrZm50eHZHekk?usp=sharing on the server it created two folders. 1. MININT-AI01HTE 2. MININT-EL0BL5G on the ones in the past that work it creats a folder with the computer name i gave it, but that isnt happening. im also putting in the log files on the laptop in the MININT folder. and the unattanded file. does anyone have an idea on how i can fix this?
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