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  1. I have come across an issue with building a Windows 7 through a task sequence. The task sequence was created by integrated MDT within SCCM2012. This was working fine until this week. Now when I build a machine, it goes through the build OK, until it comes to encrypting the C:. It will fully encrypt the drive, and then re-boot. Once re-booted the task sequence should carry on and encrypt the D:, but this doesn't happen. Once the machine re-boots, it states the configuration has changed, since bit-locker was enabled, and we need to put in a recovery key. Once we put in the recovery key, the task sequence will continue where it had left off, and encrypt the D:, and complete the task sequence successfully. There has been no changes in the task sequence, which has got me scratching my head. There is not a lot on the forums about this, and was wondering if anyone else had come up against this, and if so, was you able to correct it?
  2. Hi I'm currently new to this site and also to SCCM in general. We've just upgraded to SCCM 1606, and want to utilise the Windows servicing for monthly patches. This maybe a stupid question, but can we use this for Windows 7 as well as 10? Many Thanks in advanced.
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