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  1. Yes... but I finally found the solution! - Download of the USB network adapter driver - Connect the USB stick with the drivers to the notebook - Boot from capture image - SHIFT + F10 to open a DOS shell - 'Wmic LogicalDisk get name' to determines which letter is assigned to the USB stick (in my case D:) - 'Drvload d: \ fodler \ driverfile.inf' - 'Wpeutil InitializeNetwork' at this point, unplug the usb ethernet and replug it back in to another USB port
  2. Hi All. I long work with WDS, and everything works properly. Today was purchased a new notebook, DELL Inspiron13 5000 series website This model comes without a network card (wifi only), but we bought usb ethernet adapters (DELL FM76N). The problem appears when I try to load the image of the pc (after sysprep, ecc) on WDS. The drivers of the USB nic appear not loaded. I tried to install them manually (SHIFT + F10, drvload, etc.) but I still do not have connectivity. On different post I read that being USB, when the boot image is loaded, it is reset USB BUS, so the USB network adapter loses connectivity. Has anyone encountered similar problems? Thank you all for availability.
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