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  1. Yes... but I finally found the solution! - Download of the USB network adapter driver - Connect the USB stick with the drivers to the notebook - Boot from capture image - SHIFT + F10 to open a DOS shell - 'Wmic LogicalDisk get name' to determines which letter is assigned to the USB stick (in my case D:) - 'Drvload d: \ fodler \ driverfile.inf' - 'Wpeutil InitializeNetwork' at this point, unplug the usb ethernet and replug it back in to another USB port
  2. Hi All. I long work with WDS, and everything works properly. Today was purchased a new notebook, DELL Inspiron13 5000 series website This model comes without a network card (wifi only), but we bought usb ethernet adapters (DELL FM76N). The problem appears when I try to load the image of the pc (after sysprep, ecc) on WDS. The drivers of the USB nic appear not loaded. I tried to install them manually (SHIFT + F10, drvload, etc.) but I still do not have connectivity. On different post I read that being USB, when the boot image is loaded, it is reset USB BUS, so the USB network adapter
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