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  1. Having software update issues since this past weekends patch deployments. Deadline was set for this past Friday for clients to receive updates and reboot. Majority of clients still in unkown/Client passed status All I see in the WUAHandler on my clients is: OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x80244022. WUAHandler 5/4/2017 8:57:42 AM 20060 (0x4E5C) Scan failed with error = 0x80244022. WUAHandler 5/4/2017 8:57:42 AM 20060 (0x4E5C) Removed Update Source ({3843D746-FDB5-4804-B83E-6A9B395B76ED}) of content type: 2
  2. Heres an export of my SMSTS.log file. Nothing ive seen that has caught my attention End TS policy cleanup TSManager 10/3/2017 1:21:25 AM 13196 (0x338C) RegQueryValueExW is unsuccessful for Software\Microsoft\SMS\Task Sequence, SMSTSEndProgram TSManager 10/3/2017 1:21:25 AM 13196 (0x338C) GetTsRegValue() is unsuccessful. 0x80070002. TSManager 10/3/2017 1:21:25 AM 13196 (0x338C) End program: TSManager 10/3/2017 1:21:25 AM 13196 (0x338C) Error executing Task Sequence Manager service. Code 0x80070002 TSManager 10/3/2017 1:2
  3. I have an urgent need to image 20 new sites at a new facility we have brought onboard. I set up the new DP and distributed all needed packages. Now when trying to image my task sequence keeps getting stuck at "use Toolkit package step. Ive checked network account settings, and Redeployed "MDT 2013 file" package which is whats under that task but still cant get it to work. Please let me know what else may need to be done on my end.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Is there a way to make sure the client doesn't try to reinstall during the next discovery? Also, After running the command and uninstall I am still seeing the ccmcache and CCM folder under my windows directory. Is there a way to make sure everything gets fully uninstalled?
  5. My Senior System Admin is asking that I remove the SCCM client that is installed on Servers on our co-hosted platform due to WMI errors recently occurring. I have never done this and do not see the option to remove the client fully from within the SCCM console. Also, I have tried downloading the RCT add-in which does have the option but that does not seem to be working for me. Checked ccmsetup logs and there is no acknowledgement that an uninstall is requested. Please help!
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