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  1. HI Guys, so I have an issue that has had me stumped for some time now and im about ready to throw these tablets out the window. I have HP Elite x2 1012 G1 tablets, I can image them just fine using PXE or USB, and i know it works just fine (Im evening using one right now imaged that same way) I decided to make life difficult by opening one of these up, switching out the M.2 SSD with a larger 525gb Crucial drive. I have had a number of issues on it imaging with the crucial drive, Ive finally gotten to a point where it images and boots into windows 10, if I reboot, it comes right back up. but the minute I shut the computer down and turn it back on, it immediately gives me the error: "Recovery Your PC/Device needs to be repaired a required device isnt connected or cant be accessed Error code: 0xc000000f" now, i checked the BIOS settings and it does in fact see the crucial SSD. has anyone had an issue like this? OSD finishes, boots into windows, shut it down, turn it back on then it no longer sees the drives. something tells me it has to do with the UEFI stuff but Im not entirely sure at this point. hopefully someone has the answer to this, Im pretty sure im doing something wrong or missing something and of course if any more information is needed I can provide that. thanks in advance!
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