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  1. I think we found the problem a sitesystem was incorrectly set in the global assignment boundary group . I apologize
  2. Hi anyweb, no we dont use ip helper, the workstations to deploy are on the same subnet than the DHCP/DP server.
  3. Hi all, this is my first message here, hope you can guide me cause this driving me nuts for days ! config summary : SCCM 1702, 1 primary site, 2 MP , 800+ sitesytems ans DP Since few days, on some of ours DPs (windows 2008R2) we cannot PXE boot computer set up as UEFI, while it still boot for BIOS computers. We receive the following error : PXE-E16 No Offer received We have allready uninstall and reinstall PXE from scmm console, restart the server but same issue. Also tried to disable netbios over TCP/IP as seen on some forum with no change. The system seems to hang at "looking for bootimage <pkgID> , please see attached file. Any help would be much appreciated ! smspxe.log
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