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  1. No default boot images available / "Only finalized boot images are supported" I had this cool error when i upgraded from SCCM 2012 RTM to SP1. Upgrade like a charm apps still deploying, updates still updating.... but wait why my OS deploys not working (noticed this later... like days later). During upgrade Mcafee blocked some files in C:\Windows\TEMP\BootImages\{...} in Took me a while before i managed to get bootimages back. There is now a super post about this CM2012 SP1 – No default boot images available / "Only finalized boot images are supported"
  2. http://ocsguy.com/2011/04/20/a-few-words-on-federation/ http://ocsguy.com/2012/11/01/welcome-to-lync-2013-part-1/ Here is some of what you are asking.
  3. Have you turned off IE enhanced security?
  4. System Center Service Pack 1 is on MSDN and Technet

  5. If the link is offline use this... Deploying_Lync_Server_2010_Enterprise.pdf
  6. In Lync 2013 group chat rooms are now integrated --> Persistent chat (or group chat) becomes a "full-fledged" Lync service, not just a bolted-on add-on --> http://www.zdnet.com...ore-7000001415/
  7. Hei sorry for not answering sooner. If you just install Lync 2010 standard then all u need is dc (as in domain) + 1 server to install Lync itself (standard). If u want high availability then Enterprise version is the way to go. With enterprise you can create pools of frontend servers for instance (with dns triks thouse pools work as load balancing). Also some spoilers from the next version: http://www.zdnet.com...ore-7000001415/ ---> Consolidation of roles; no separate server role needed for monitoring and archiving. Also if memory serves u cant select your own (remote) sql when using Standard (this could be lie as i dont remember no longer).
  8. Found this super post about certificates in sccm 2012: http://msandbu.wordp...m-2012-and-pki/
  9. Teched 2012 Europe :)

  10. Hi I have been deployng lync clients with sccm for months now. All u need to do make a package and set the installer to run just on specified client platworms. You can find it under: Package -> installer --> requirements (dont have time to upload image of it at the moment). After that when u made advertisment it only runs on x86 or x64
  11. Setting up cas and primary can be a lil difficult @ first (took me few tries to get it working). In my testlab case i put both cas and primary wsus as active. I set primary to get updates from cas and it started to work. Replication worked. cant remember more details at the moment.
  12. Been running Lync servers for months now and starting to integrate with avaya sytems pick up the deskphone and call som1 and lync status changes to in a call... how cool is that
  13. In my case this happens on 2 reasons: 1) u havent put the computer to the correct advertisment collection 2) there are no pxe boot files in the pxe server (several ways to correct this, but i found it is just simpler to copy from another pxe server the files and it works kinda silly way to fix but i like it.)
  14. Just to be on the safe side use this on your server drives --> no_sms_on_drive.sms If you alrdy have client installed uninstall manually and you should be good to go PS! Also the client might be installed there by your wsus
  15. Are you also using exchange 2010? If so then this exchange command works --> Update-OfflineAddressBook "Default Offline Address Book" Also if your Outlook is in cached mode it gonna take forever to update. Fastest way is manual full download.
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