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  1. thank you for your reply I have configured it this way, I start the install, the Task applies the install.wim file, then it copies the language pack and then the Task Fails with the error 0x0000001
  2. Hello there I have created a OSD Seq Task to deploy windows 10 1607 english with the de-CH (swiss german locales) according to the guide I found here and deployed this task by choosing only media and pxe a collection as install - available (because of the collection When I boot from pxe I dont see this task as an option to install. If I deploy this task to unknown computers, then the task is appearing to boot pxe is it probably a setting that I have to do to let it appear in the boot menu. however, if I import a computer by defining its mac address under devices and adding this computer to the collection OSD German, then the task appears in the boot menu as well. any idea why the task is not apearing when deploying it to the specific collectoin but is appearing only when deployed to unknown computers? Thank you Chrys
  3. Hello very interesting article but I am trying now over hours to get it work, but the Task Fails at once after copying the language pack to Client so I have some questions: the language Folder data source path for the package should be for Windows 10 1607 up to Folder \german\de-de ? or up to Folder \german ? The path to the source Location is : ...\german\de-de\Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack_x64_de-de.cab is Little bit confusing the Name of the cab Microsoft-Windows-Client-Language-Pack_x64_de-de.cab has to remain as it is, right? where can I find the RegionValue on set dynamic variables for swiss german? I dont think is german. could it be swiss german or deutsch schweiz ? the Name of the Group for swiss german, in the LanguageValue in Options is it german? or swiss german? or deutsch schweiz ? is there any list with those values? Some Feedback is really appreciated Chrys
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