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  1. So I ran into a snag while running the SQL install script. I'm getting this error: "An unknown command-line option [CONFIGURATIONFILE=E:Scripts\ConfigurationFile.ini] was specified. It looks like the script is continuing to run and is currently installing the SQL Server 2016 SSMS. But I don't think it installed SQL Server 2016. The configuration file is there in the E:\Scripts directory and it looks good. Once this is done I will try running the script again and see what happens.
  2. Hey! Thank you so much for your quick response! The link works now (I was just not signed in when I tried clicking on it). I've manually installed all the roles onto the CM01 server. Now I'm at step 8: Installing SQL. I'm going to edit your script and give it a shot. Thanks so much!
  3. Anyweb thanks so much for you help! I'm currently in the process of installing SCCM and I'm running through your guide and i had a few questions: 1.) I'm running Windows Server 2016, would your scripts work using this version? 2.) The scripts link seams to be down. I've been doing much of the setup manually but i figured i would see which scripts i could edit and use with my environment 3.) I'm up to the point where I need to install the roles onto the CM01 machine and then install SQL. If i'm running SQL on the same server as SCCM but on a different drive I should be able to edit the script to install it there, no? Or does it only install to the default location? Thanks again! -mobius
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