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  1. Do you see any issue if I install SQL Server 2016 with SP1 and then CU4 instead of SQL Server 2016 while following your guide.
  2. Dear Nial, I am encountering two issues. 1. Software center doesn't shows up in my DC server 2016. Apart from DC it was installed on CM1 and two VM's win7, Win10 without any issue. 2. WSUS is unable to sync with Microsoft updates. Want to confirm shall I be using port 80 and 443 or 8530 and 8531. What could be the possible reason causing this. Attaching few logs. MS ccmsetup.log ccmsetup-ccmeval.log client.msi.log WCM.log WSUSCtrl.log wsyncmgr.log
  3. Dear Niall, Great admirer of yours, All my SCCM knowledge credit goes to you. I want to understand, If I am going through the manual installation approach for my LAB(SCCM 1702, domain controller server 2016 and sql server 2016 sp1) do I need to Enable Named Pipes and TCP/IP in SQL server protocols the same way you taught us in the sql 2008 for configuration manager 2012, Also Do I need to change the Status from Disabled (default) to Enabled for both the Servers local ip and localhost values in SQl server.
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