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  1. CM - 1706 ADK - 10.1.15063 I'm currently getting away with using the Boot Image I kept from before this Boot Image Network issue occurred, but it would be good to know what is causing the it. I'll try adding in a pre-start command and see if that helps.
  2. Any idea why I would get an address having run an ipconfig, but not during the TS when it is required? Is there a way to extent the period that it looks for an IP Address?
  3. I can run an ipconfig and I get an IP address. Also remember that if I run the boot media I created before this one, it works just fine.
  4. Worth noting that I am using a USB Boot Media and not PXE. I have the same issue using my MDT as well as standard x64 and x86 boot images with the boot media. I'm not sure what has changed to cause this issue. As I've previously said, the boot images prior to an SCCM Patch update all still work
  5. There is one from the C:\smstslog dir **Skipped some non error lines to keep within 10,000 CHAR** ==============================[ TSMBootStrap.exe ]============================== TSMBootstrap 31/08/2017 11:17:56 1396 (0x0574) Command line: X:\sms\bin\x64\TsmBootstrap.exe /env:WinPE /configpath:\ TSMBootstrap 31/08/2017 11:17:56 1396 (0x0574) Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\1033\TSRES.DLL' TSMBootstrap 31/08/2017 11:17:56 1396 (0x0574) Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\TSRESNLC.DLL' TSMBootstrap 31/08/2017 11:17:56 1396 (0x0574) Current OS version is 10
  6. Nope, its all there.. I have some error logs. LOGGING: Finalize process ID set to 360 TSBootShell 31/08/2017 09:03:40 456 (0x01C8) ==============================[ TSBootShell.exe ]============================== TSBootShell 31/08/2017 09:03:40 456 (0x01C8) Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\1033\TSRES.DLL' TSBootShell 31/08/2017 09:03:40 456 (0x01C8) Debug shell is enabled TSBootShell 31/08/2017 09:03:40 456 (0x01C8) Waiting for PNP initialization... TSBootShell 31/08/2017 09:03:40 536 (0x0218) RAM Disk Boot Path: MULTI(0)DISK(0)RDISK(0)PARTITION(1)\SOURCES\BOOT
  7. Hi all, So I had a working boot media. It would boot into the password screen where the network options would be visible. It would then pass through to the task sequence and complete the build as normal. However, upon updating the Distribution Points and creating a final boot media I no longer see the network options. Upon entering the password, the PC just reboots. Worth noting that if I use the boot media created prior to updating all the DP's, it all works (for now the IT Dept are using these). I just can't create new boot media should I need to,
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