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  1. Hey, we crashed our SCCM with a backup and cant get it back to working.. Our Management point isnt working and got a 'error' Status and the IIS status is 'unknown' (https://imgur.com/a/1CGH8Ji). When we try to access "https://hostname/sms_mp/.sms_aut?MPcert" we get '403 Forbidded...'. Because of that we want to migrate to WIndows Server 2016 - how can we migrate the data (deployment tasks, configuration..) to the new server? Is it possible to add the new server to the site, get all services to the new one and the kick the old one out? Or can we install a 'Configuration Manager centr
  2. Hello, I have the following failure. We install the SCCM-Client as Pushinstallation/manual installation, some of the installations works, but the most of them just crashs without a real error code. While we install we get the following "red" messages in the ccmsetup.log: After that the installation starts (GET 'HTTP://sccm-01.domain.com/CCM_Client/ccmsetup.cab' ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:38:44 2164 (0x0874)) MSI: Aktion 09:39:15: GenerateScript. Skriptoperationen werden generiert für Aktion: ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:39:15 2164 (0x0874) MSI: Aktion 09:
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