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Found 2 results

  1. I have an issue with 2 client PCs software center not working since past 2 days. The is Operating System task sequence targeted to these PCs to make it as a Master PC to stage other Windows clients.The task sequence have 1809 configurations. When I open Software Center-> OS tab -> Click Win10 1809 configuration task sequence -> Install -> The TS does not run and show above error.I have checked boundaries and Boundary groups of this region and they are pointing to nearest Distribution Point (DP) and the site code is added to correct Boundary Group.I uninstall and re-install ccm on both PCs but same issue. Tried installing CCM with below switchCCMSetup.exe /mp:SMSMP01 /logon SMSSITECODE=C01LocationService.log:-Unable to retrieve AD site membership LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)Unable to retrieve AD site membership LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)Client is not in any boundary group and ConfigMgr is no longer managing WindowsDO GPO. Set WindowsDO GPO to default values. Mode = LAN. GroupID = empty LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)The number of discovered DPs(including Branch DP and Multicast) is 0 LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)CAS.log:-Location update from CTM for content Content_ccb6ec31-7759-4a0f-b511-bff5e786ec41.1 and request {43EA474D-0182-4D6E-B2E9-35C7B3F65B9D} ContentAccess 8/8/2019 12:26:12 AM 3276 (0x0CCC)Download request only, ignoring location update ContentAccess 8/8/2019 12:26:12 AM 3276 (0x0CCC)My site server configuration:-DPs- USDP01.abc.abc.comBoundary:- USPC- Type: AD site- SiteSystem: USDP01.abc.abc.comBoundary Group:- PS2Boundary (Primary Server name)- USDP01.abc.abc.comPC's are in PS2:-USPC01 USPC02Any ideas how to fix this?
  2. Hello, I have the following failure. We install the SCCM-Client as Pushinstallation/manual installation, some of the installations works, but the most of them just crashs without a real error code. While we install we get the following "red" messages in the ccmsetup.log: After that the installation starts (GET 'HTTP://sccm-01.domain.com/CCM_Client/ccmsetup.cab' ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:38:44 2164 (0x0874)) MSI: Aktion 09:39:15: GenerateScript. Skriptoperationen werden generiert für Aktion: ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:39:15 2164 (0x0874) MSI: Aktion 09:39:15: SmsGenerateSuccessMIF. ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:39:15 2164 (0x0874) Last information of the ccmsetup.log -> <ClientDeploymentMessage ErrorCode="0"><Client Baseline="1" BaselineCookie="" Platform="2" Langs="LP1031"/><Packages><Package ID="{22D00A83-1685-43CF-A3E2-C3E38C3F8CF1}"/></Packages><Additional><SourceType Value="MP"/><SourceLocation Value="HTTP://sccm-01.domain.com/CCM_Client"/><DeploymentMethod Value="1"/></Additional></ClientDeploymentMessage> ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:40:26 2164 (0x0874) Raised pending client deployment state message. ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:40:26 2164 (0x0874) Successfully deleted the ccmsetup service ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:40:31 2164 (0x0874) Deleted file C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.xml ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:40:31 2000 (0x07D0) Task 'Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Task' does not exist ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:40:31 2000 (0x07D0) CcmSetup is exiting with return code 0 ccmsetup 20.10.2017 09:40:31 2000 (0x07D0) The Quoted part are the red messages. We extended our AD-Schema, the Boundarie is set, the FallBackBoundarie is set to sccm-01.domain.com. The Client doesnt creat a shortcut under start, when I start the Configuration Manager under controll, I see a deactivated "CCM-Notifaction-Agent", the other components are installed. I hope someone got a good advice for me.. Greets, Mishuri *Edit: I probably find the error/a log entry. In ClientIDManagerStartup i get the following error: To test if the firewall is blocking something, we opened the traffic between our clients and the sccm on any Ports. (Failure/Error still up:( )
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