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  1. I am deploying Win10 1809, how can I find ADK version? How can I collect logs if the Surface is going to reboot loop? PXE boot -> TS enter into WinPE -> Enter password -> Apply image -> Apply drivers -> Reboot loop -> Does not finish OS deployment. Note: The issue only appears in one of our customer site, but when we image the same device with same Windows 10 1809 it gets successfully imaged (with deployment complete screen) Does it seem like some sort of driver issue or firmware mismatch?
  2. am facing a weird issue with 2 Surface Pro 5 1796 model. The device boots to PXE over IP v4, then reaches my correct DP that has PXE and OSD contents, enters into OSD task sequence wizard where I enter the password, select region, language, keyboard settings etc. Once all this is processed the client fetches the image and somewhere in the middle the device gets rebooted automatically. The device comes back up and starts infinite loop of Windows logo with spinning circle for 4 times and then reboots again. It mainly happens when the device goes past the first restart of Applying drivers. I can't get the logs from F8 command prompt as he machine is continuously rebooting. SCCM Hierarchy - 1CAS and 2 primary. SCCM = CB 1810 Server = Windows server 2012 R2 Datacenter Surface Pro 5 1796 (non LTE) Trusted Platform Module (TPM) - [Enabled] Secure Boot Control - [None] Firmware - 234.2278.769
  3. I have an issue with 2 client PCs software center not working since past 2 days. The is Operating System task sequence targeted to these PCs to make it as a Master PC to stage other Windows clients.The task sequence have 1809 configurations. When I open Software Center-> OS tab -> Click Win10 1809 configuration task sequence -> Install -> The TS does not run and show above error.I have checked boundaries and Boundary groups of this region and they are pointing to nearest Distribution Point (DP) and the site code is added to correct Boundary Group.I uninstall and re-install ccm on both PCs but same issue. Tried installing CCM with below switchCCMSetup.exe /mp:SMSMP01 /logon SMSSITECODE=C01LocationService.log:-Unable to retrieve AD site membership LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)Unable to retrieve AD site membership LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)Client is not in any boundary group and ConfigMgr is no longer managing WindowsDO GPO. Set WindowsDO GPO to default values. Mode = LAN. GroupID = empty LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)The number of discovered DPs(including Branch DP and Multicast) is 0 LocationServices 8/8/2019 12:30:59 AM 8408 (0x20D8)CAS.log:-Location update from CTM for content Content_ccb6ec31-7759-4a0f-b511-bff5e786ec41.1 and request {43EA474D-0182-4D6E-B2E9-35C7B3F65B9D} ContentAccess 8/8/2019 12:26:12 AM 3276 (0x0CCC)Download request only, ignoring location update ContentAccess 8/8/2019 12:26:12 AM 3276 (0x0CCC)My site server configuration:-DPs- USDP01.abc.abc.comBoundary:- USPC- Type: AD site- SiteSystem: USDP01.abc.abc.comBoundary Group:- PS2Boundary (Primary Server name)- USDP01.abc.abc.comPC's are in PS2:-USPC01 USPC02Any ideas how to fix this?
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