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  1. In the end I decided to say fuck it and deleted my servers. I've set up a completely new environment and patched SCCM from 1702 to 1706 and applied a hotfix that was available in the SCCM console, all before doing anything else on the newly created server. Configured everything as it was before and the first VM I tried now see the task sequence and is applying it as we speak. Lesson learned? Don't be hasty and patch your shit.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to learn about SCCM and deploying Windows 10 using PXE and MDT, however my clients never seem to get to the task sequence part, instead they just reboot when it says "Preparing network connections". I am able to stop the reboot by pressing F8 and it shows I have an ip, disk looks good using diskpart, can ping sccm fqdn and I'm able to use net use to map a share. I have crawled every possible forum and posts and nothing seems to help, and I really feel like everything is correct and should be working. I hope to get some help from you experts.
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