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    MBAM Issue

    @anyweb Thanks for the advise, actually i have looked at the doc last week and left it just because lots of reading but i've started after you recommended. Welldone for the book, its awesome, and must have for anyone doing Deployment/mdt/sccm and ofcourse mbam. i hope i'm not violating the forums rules by adding the book, apologies if this is the case but only did because i know it will do good to few folks out there looking all the deployment info in one place.
  2. BenCruze

    MBAM Issue

    Hello, i got my lab setup AD/SCCM/MDT/MBAM/few clients...i am using Niall's book guides in my own setup rather than downloading your sample files and hope it will be fine? please correct me if i need to do anything different to apply it in my own setup. sccm is freshly installed few months back, not really used other than keep updating it to latest whenever get chance. Now to the issue: after buying your book the first thing i am going to learn/install is MBAM and start from chapter 13. the first difference i see this one: i got three additional lines of _initialValue compare to your guides. and 2nd issue where i really stuck and stopped is when integrating mbam with sccm after running the setup and "Add New Features" on sccm server and getting the below error: i will really appreciate if you can advise in steps what i am missing please? its looklike to do with SQL which is my weak point just like powershell. please also advise how many servers should we have ideally for MBAM to setup in Production, after looking at google its 2 MBAM Admin and MBAM Reporting. do we need separate server for Helpdesk Portal or it will go on the same server as MBAM Admin. Thanks a ton in advance. Ben
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