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  1. Hello there. I know this thread is pretty old, and I have not found a solution yet, but maybe a cause. When you deploy an OS with SCCM 2012 it registers the docking stations MAC as the surface pros MAC. If you try to image multiple surface pros from the same docking station it will see that the MAC is already in it's system and skip over PXE boot.
  2. I recently had this issue with my 1709 image. It was getting the "Why did my PC restart" screen as soon as it was time for the task sequence to add the machine to my domain. I took Config Mangler's suggestion and added a restart in my task sequence right after "Setup Windows and Configmgr", but before it was time to join the domain, just so I could get back into the PXE environment and get an error box. Instead this actually fixed my issue and everything went through. (Don't forget to check "The currently installed default operatins system" mark in your reboot.) I have the Microsoft consumer experiences turned off in the registry of my .wim if that matters.
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