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  1. Yep same issue as us Tony. I'm not going to bother trying again until 1803 comes out, hope this will fix the issue.
  2. I haven't tried since early December, not sure if Microsoft have updated their ISO yet.
  3. Thanks for the update. Yes I have been manually uploading to the server as well and it's working fine.
  4. Thanks all for the replies, Should have added the Windows version I was trying to upload. Looks like we are all in the same boat - I am also trying to use a sysprepped 1709 (Win 10 Creators Fall). I wonder if this will ever be fixed.
  5. No solution yet unfortunately, hopefully someone will see this and know what it is.
  6. Hi all, I have setup my WDS server and it is working well after manually uploading images. Can boot to it, image PCs etc OK. I would like to automatically upload images to the WDS server via the capture image however I am not getting the usual credential prompt window. The attached pic shows the cmd prompt window I get when clicking "connect". When entering the username and password nothing happens, it just sits there after pressing enter or selecting Ok. I can press enter/space on "Remember my credentials" and it adds an 'x' on top of the underscore. Can anyone
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