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  1. In the attempt that i took the screenshot from I tried the domain admin just to satisfy questions being thrown my way around the office, in production that would not be the case. I have attached the log file now. smsts.log
  2. Hi all, Having an issue re creating our build process in the new SCCM environment i've been building lately. During the deployment of an OS we have two visual basic scripts that run after the OS has been booted into for the first time that add the PC to the correct AD groups and starts the 802.1x service (i know there is probably other ways of doing this but i'd rather replicate than redesign). This works flawlwessly on our current live SCCM but in the new one, which is working with Windows 10 rather than 7, i cannot get it to run during the TS, i just receieve an incorrect function error, whereas if i run the script manually on the Windows 10 machine it works as expected. I've attached some screenshots that show the position in the task sequence of the script step, and the command line im using to call it (also copied from our current live environment) The content is on the DPs correctly as the unattend file that runs during the initial OS setup is also called from that same package. Thanks Phil
  3. Once this goes into production AD discovery will be enabled yeah, so I should have mentioned that really I also need to be able to clear the old computer account from AD aswell as the SCCM console.
  4. Hi all, Done alot of browsing and can't find an answer that seems to do what im after. Basically we are rebuilding our SCCM environment for the move to WIndows 10 (sigh). At the moment our existing console is a mess due to the ammount of rebuilds and refreshes our devices go through, creating duplicate client entries in the console mainly because when a device moves rooms within the building it gets rebuilt and renamed as part of the task sequence. I'm looking for a step that i can put at the start of my task sequence that will effectively gather the name from the device running the task sequence and remove that from SCCM entirely (not just it's collection membership) before continuing and treating the device as an unknown computer again. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Phil
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