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  1. Hi Niall, I did a complete reinstallation of everything again using your exact IP addresses, usernames, domain names and it all worked flawlessly! The only snag I hit was I had to install the SCCM under the niall renamed sql account as it kept giving a login failed when logged in as user CM01\Administrator . Thanks for a great guide, next stop deployment land.
  2. Hi Niall, thanks for the great guide, I have managed to complete all of the steps using the powershell scripts apart from the SCCM install, it fails at the same point, I checked the logs from the failed install and it say the same thing each time "setup has encountered fatal errors during database initialization. check the log for details. click the view log button for more information" I have checked all of the permissions on the server and the SQL account permissions, have you come across this before?
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