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  1. Hi all, First time post, long time viewer! I am having issues imaging through PXE, I am currently using the latest branch of SCCM 1802. I have tried numerous of troubleshooting and running out of ideas. I have done the following steps: Delete the Management Point role, restarted the CM server and Installed the Management Point server I have also redistribute the boot images and assured that they're added on my Task Sequences, also checked that my task sequences are pushed out to unknown devices. I have also tried both booting PXE through a VM and a workstation PC. (Can confirm that the hyper-VM is not displayed under Devices) I've also uninstalled WDS by unticking "Enable PXE support for clients" waited 10 mins to properly uninstall, rebooted and ticked "Enable PXE support or client", waited another 10 mins to install, rebooted. WDS was installed but cannot boot to PXE still Create a bootable media, pointing it to my boot image and Task Sequence which is enabled to Unknown Devices deployments. Boot to OSD and reboots straight after, but I can ping the Distribution Point and access diskpart. (Please refer to screenshot attached for logs) Tried repairing site following this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/servers/manage/modify-your-infrastructure#bkmk_reset - Site repaired successfully with no errors displayed throughout the logs. Screenshot = 1st Screen Shot - Booting to a bootable media, opening F8 to run 'diskpart' 2nd Screen Shot - mpcontrol.log 3rd Screen Shot - SMSPXE.log 4th Screen Shot - Booting to PXE after hitting F12 5th/6th Screen Shot - Booting to a bootable media, openning F8 and opened SMSTS.log which was located in: x:\sms\bin\i386\CMTrace.exe I am hoping for someone to help before I go ahead and rebuild a new SCCM server. Many-thanks.
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