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  1. Wondering if anyone can help, never posted in this forum but have used it extensively for valuable advice/information. Got a simple question I cannot find the answer to, we are planning to use Windows 10 Servicing to manage Feature Updates, I believe I have setup the Servicing Plan correctly and all the necessary (I think) Feature Updates are downloaded and deployed but I have noticed that they are showing as Required 0 for all 1803 Feature Updates, please see attached image. I would have expected to be seeing the Required number to match the number of Windows 10 machines we have, majority of our Windows 10 machines currently are on build 1709. What I have checked so far is: - We are using the current SCCM version 1802 on a 2016 server - Group Policy, we haven't got Windows for Business configured, no defer polices in place - Readiness branch for all Windows 10 machines is CB (targeted) - Heartbeat discovery enabled The question I have is, our WSUS is managed on a different server, I'm sure I read somewhere that for Windows 10 Servicing to work correctly that WSUS updates have to come from the same server (i.e. we need to amend our GPO Specify intranet Microsoft update service location to point to the SCCM server), is this true? Could it be the reason our Required numbers are incorrect? If not, I'm lost.
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