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  1. I followed this one: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb694088.aspx So that's the ports given exceptions both in the Windows Firewall on our clients, and the firewall connecting our sites. Didn't open for UDP: 2701 and 2702. But when checking: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb632618.aspx It states that UDP 2701 and 2702 should be open, as you say. I'll give it a go opening UDP aswell, both on the clients and the firewall.
  2. Just tried accessing a computer locally on the network, this works fine (This just started working today for some reason..) It even started with out prompting me for auth? So I guess it's a firewall issue between our sites. But it's kinda wierd for it to prompt the 0x80004005 = Access Denied, when it's most likely a firewall issue? I'll have to recheck the firewall policy again.
  3. Firewall is not disabled. But configured with open ports for remote tools (found some sort of microsoft documentation on this). I was on the phone with the user I was trying to control. He said nothing popped up, as in no way of accepting the remote tools session. And no UAC prompt. I've got everything enabled with full control on the General tab. Security tab: Lists the user account I tried with. Notifications tab: Display a visual indicator = On, show status icon on taskbar. Play a sound = Off Remote assistance tab: Both top checkboxes. Full Control. Remote desktop client settings: Not checked.
  4. Logs say: Remote Control Server started. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:39 6840 (0x1AB8) Remote Control Launcher started. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:39 2204 (0x089C) Monitor thread started RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 6984 (0x1B48) Creating RDP session RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 4716 (0x126C) Remote Control Agent started. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 4716 (0x126C) RCAgent successfully started. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 2204 (0x089C) Successfully created ticket for domain\domainadmin RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 4716 (0x126C) Created invitation for domain\domainadmin RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 4716 (0x126C) Launcher is no longer in use. Shutting down. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 2204 (0x089C) Remote Control Launcher terminated normally. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 2204 (0x089C) Server is no longer in use. Shutting down. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 6840 (0x1AB8) Remote Control Server terminated normally. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:18:40 6840 (0x1AB8) Agent did not receive a valid connection attempt within the time limit. Session will be terminated. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:19:10 4716 (0x126C) Server is no longer in use. Shutting down. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:19:10 4716 (0x126C) Closing RDP session RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:19:10 4716 (0x126C) Remote Control Agent terminated normally. RemoteControl 07.05.2010 15:19:10 4716 (0x126C)
  5. I found the CCM folder within Windows\SysWOW64\ Is that a bad thing? I get prompted for auth as I connect, due to my user not having any special rights on our domain. But when trying to connect with a domain admin account, it gives the error message. Checking logs now. Anyweb: No, the user don't see anything. Not the box allowing/not allowing remote control, or any UAC prompt.
  6. Hi! Getting further along the way of using SCCM thanks to the awesome community here. I have another question tho.. I have sccm up and running, with about 800 clients registrered. What I'm trying to do, is remote control their computer (pref Remote Tools, due to shared controls?). I've read the remote tools documentation for firewall configuration, and set the rules. When trying to connect, I first get prompted for auth, and that's ok - but when it's trying to connect it just prompts an error message: connection failed 0x80004005 This should how ever work, since the computer is in the network, I can ping it, and I can browse it's shared folders.. I'm thinking there still is a firewall issue somewhere.. What do you think?
  7. SCCM promts that the range already exists if you try to overlap. So I doubt that's the problem.. It's wierd now, as we have about 20 boundaries, and the specific one is still missing..
  8. We're actually sorting it by using the ip-range functionality. As we don't want absolutely the whole subnet. This happened for just one of the boundaries we've tried to add. We currently have 10 boundries set up and working fine, except the one that dissapeared..
  9. I'm currently setting up boundaries by subnets we use. When adding the 4th in the list, it dissapeared for some reason? When trying to adding it again, it says it allready exists. If I try exporting the list of boundaries, it's not in the list? Anyone experienced this, or know how to fix it?
  10. Yeah, I forgot to mention that this is on Windows 7 x64 Enterprise. Sometimes I wish we went for the 32-bit instead, as it seems it has less problems..
  11. Gave it a go, but it never seem to finish.. I've let it run for what's soon to be an hour. I guess that's a no go!
  12. Thanks! Giving it a go as we speak! This is version 19 btw.
  13. Is it possible to query 2 models at once? Say HP 6930p and 8440p? How would it look like? Would I have to make 2 querys, or one? Found the solution.. Connect it with: OR Model Like "%newvalue%" for as many times as you need!
  14. Hi! I've worked on a TS for some time now, and it's finally starting to look good. Deployment is coming up soon, and I'm still having minor issues with getting Java to work. I've tried with multiple flags, and most of the times it only stops during the install. With the flags: jre-6u19-windows-i586-s.exe /s IEXPLORER=1 MOZILLA=1 REBOOT=Suppress it completes the TS, but the java is no where to be found. I get prompted for a fresh install when trying to access a site that needs java installed. Does anyone install java within a TS? If so, what flags do you use?
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