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  1. Fixed it. Seems that following the PKI guides was the solution.
  2. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I am new to sccm and I have installed the 1802 version, using the guides on this site, which are excellent and then done an in place upgrade to 1810. When i am trying to push the client to a few test machines, by selecting them individually in Devices I am getting errors. IsSslClientAuthEnabled - Determining provisioning mode state failed with 80070002. Defaulting to state of 1504. Client is not allowed to use or doesn't have PKI cert while talking to HTTPS server. Failed (0x87d00454) to send location request to 'serverfqdn'. StatusC
  3. Hi, I currently have WSUS using a separate instance of SQL on a different server. Can I point the SCCM WSUS at the same database and use that, without it affecting our current WSUS server or can I just create a new WSUS Database in the SCCM instance on the Remote SQL Server?
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