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  1. Hello Members, Servers are rebooted post windows patches got installed. But few servers are still showing pending restart & non-compliant. These servers are definitely rebooted. There are no patched pending to get installed neither any more software updated deployed. The rebootcoordinator.log says 'User S-1-5-21-4236524168-2382535853-1335976672-1001 is getting pending reboot information...'. please help me to understand how to fix this. the critical servers cannot be rebooted no & then.
  2. Hello Members,There are around 2000+ machines out of 6000 domain workstations; where in windows patches has been failed. All the domain PCs.Please let me know how can this be fixed so that failed PCs will get software updates. Whether SCCM client uninstall & reinstall can fix this. There are around 50% failed machines running on older versions & remaining on new version 5.00.8740.1012.Let me know quickest & fastest method.TIA
  3. Hello Members, There are two companies with different domains ABC & XYZ. ABC is already SCCM enabled domain (single site). But XYZ does not have any SCCM environment. How can a different domain be added into the current site. let me know if there can be a secondary site needs to be configured. TIA
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