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  1. Hello, I have two questions about KMS activation model. If MAK key was entered into clients during installation, is KMS activation still possible? The problem is that we have entered MAK keys on all clients and now during activation process we receive error that maximum number of clients was already activated with MAK keys. If I understand how KMS works, at least 25 clients that are not activated must contact KMS host so that clients will get activated. What if we have already activated most of our clients with MAK, and we don’t have enough clients to start KMS activation process? Another question is about DNS records. We use internal AD domain domain.local. As I understand KMS DNS records will be added to internal DNS server. How can I enable clients that are not on LAN, to activate over the internet? We have a public domain and public DNS server, but domain is not the same as AD domain. Thank you! Best wishes, Marko
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