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  1. configured client policy as 90 Minute (default). 1)triggered machine policy 2) policy applied on system immediately ==> MDOP MBAM Client installed. but encryption start taking long time. For Laptop encryption is charger must to be connected ? .
  2. Hello, For your update.. Now MBAM drive encryption message box appeared. i have start encryption. and Recovery key is stored in database also. observation:- After MBAM policy applied on system, its is taking too much time to displayed MBAM drive encryption message box. Approx. 60 minute.
  3. Thank you for reply, i am using Technical preview 1907. i have seen your video also. i am trying on Real machine as well as virtual machine. in both machine same behavior. In Event viewer Information tab => "The MBAM policies were applied successfully.Volume ID:\\?\Volume{}\" message has been displayed but unable to start encryption.
  4. Hello, Thank you for sharing valuable blog. Could you please help? I have deploy MBAM policy as per mentioned in your blog, Policy reached on client computer but not starting Bitlocker encryption. In Event viewer error :- detected os volume encryption policies conflict, check Bitlocker MBAM policies related to OS drive protector and in Bitlockermanagementhandler.log :- Bitlocker Management policy is complaint
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