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  1. Hi, Do i need to have MDT integrated into SCCM to do this? I really cannot seem to find out why when attempting to display the message box it fails. It appears to start running the script as a cmd line pops up, but then i get a generic error code from SMSTS logs. My goal is to update the BIOS on a computer if certain conditions are met. If the BIOS won't be updated, I wanted to have a message box so the user will know that it didn't fail and that they did not need the update so they wouldn't call the help desk claiming the TS did nothing. Otherwise the TS just claims a success. I could just inform the user "if it didn't do anything you didn't need it" in my email about the deployment you know how users are - no one reads all the email. I can provide information needed to work through this, just let me know where we can start.
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