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  1. I have tried to follow the video however I get a slightly different error. I am getting a permissions error when rung the powershell command I am a domain admin and have db_owner access to the database any ideas. Sorry to be a pain do you not what other access I need? *JUST WATCHED MORE OF VIDEO AND SAW I NEED TO BE SYSADMIN*
  2. Hi Thanks for your guide it was very helpful! I have installed the BitLocker extension on 1910 and have currently deployed it to one newly built machine as a test. This was all successful however is the only was to view the key to query the database directly as this seems a bit clunky, also when setting it up I selected 'Recovery password and Key Package' how do I download the key package or am i misunderstanding this bit? We currently use McAfee to mange our Bitlocker Encryption which works well but we are moving away from ePO so would like to use this SCCM solution. One last question if currently all our machines have bit locker on and I add them to this new policy will it be able to pull the current in use recovery Keys or would I have to decrypt then re-encrypt? Thanks in advance Neil
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