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  1. FYI on 2002 version (official since 11.05.2020) everything looks good! I needed to configure Auto-Unlock option and disable password requirement (in 1908 version this tab wasn't available). Now, after encrypted C:\ I got prompt to encrypt also D:\ but without any PIN.
  2. Not really, I cannot set up auto-unlock for fixed drive. I installed Hot Fix to 1910 and there is still same problem. Also update to 2002 is not visible in my tenant (is that normal?). There is no alert on MBAM log on client site, there is no alert on SCCM site, currently workstation is Compilant. Any ideas what should I do except update sccm to 2002 (does it stable version?)
  3. Yes i will test but also I just read again MBAM documentation and I thing that i found my bad configuration. In 1910 you cannot specify auto-unlock for fixed drive or passwor policie (I see that feature is now available in 2002 version). The documentation clearly say that: Fixed data drive encryption Suggested configuration: Enabled Manage your requirement for encryption of fixed data drives. If you enable this setting, BitLocker requires users to put all fixed data drives under protection. It then encrypts the data drives. When you enable this policy, either enable auto-unlock or the settings for Fixed data drive password policy. Configure auto-unlock for fixed data drive: Allow or require BitLocker to automatically unlock any encrypted data drive. To use auto-unlock, also require BitLocker to encrypt the OS drive. If you don't configure this setting, BitLocker doesn't require users to put fixed data drives under protection. - I think this is it If you disable this setting, users can't put their fixed data drives under BitLocker protection. If you disable this policy after BitLocker encrypts fixed data drives, BitLocker decrypts the fixed data drives.
  4. Right, ConfigMgr1910. I will install also hotfixes available on my site. There is something related to bitlocker. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4537079/update-rollup-for-microsoft-endpoint-configuration-manager-current-bra So in your opinion there is unknown bug and my configuration should work? What will be happend if I create another bitlocker policy and run on these computers? It will skip and nothing will be happend or there is a chance that MBAM encrypt D:\ drive?
  5. In this case is second physical drive but the same situation is on only one physical drive but 2 partition, i checked few workstation and that Policy never encrypt D partition
  6. I see that if I enable this policy on workstation it will prompt by bitlocker management to encrypt C:\ and enter the PIN password, so the policy works but after encryption is finish I have noticed that it encrypted only C:\ system drive. Should I wait some time for encrypt fixed drive or it should encrypt after mbam prompt both disks?
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