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  1. So after doing more testing found out that its the VPN issue. My test machine even the laptops when they go to office network the keys get populates and encryption starts Silently. Now the question is why it don't get populated when its connected to VPN even after it try check in with SCCM server once connected?
  2. 5-20-20 So after looking at the log BitlockerManagement_GroupPolicyHandler I saw its try to inject registry keys. See the screen shot below. http://prntscr.com/skckgu But when I check registry are not there. Any idea? Hope I am making sense.
  3. Hi Niall, Thank you, I deployed it to 10 test units over the VPN. Only 1 so far worked as intended. Few Question. - I can see in my BitlockerMangaement GroupPolicyHandler that its trying to enforce keys into registry. But I am not seeing them other then those 2 custom one enforce using baselines. Is there way for it get force more frequently? Screen Shot I will be updating SCCM to 2002 soon too.
  4. Anyweb, Thanks for making my life easy. I do have one question. Step 5. That MBAM popup ...we want to deploy it without that popup like no user interaction and it just run in the background without user to click in start. Is that possible?
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