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  1. a limit for SSL is : IP start IP finish my computer ip SSL is : For safety reasons I changed the first 2 bytes in the ip but the principle is the same ?
  2. It is not me who is configured the limits these an external company how to add the limits?
  3. Hello sorry for my english i'm french . I have been trying for several days to install an SCCM push client, but remotely through a FortiGate. So the problem is that the clients seem to have settled into the machine: Capture task manager Capture of SCCM files present: Capture of the ccmsetup.log LOG File: And then I put the Configuration Manager capture where I don't see the PC as clients: Do you have any ideas how to solve the problem?
  4. Sorry, I don't know how to read the logs. I put the mtrmgr.log file in pastebin. https://pastebin.com/Su1pZ5vL https://pastebin.com/Su1pZ5vL
  5. Version française Bonjour, J'ai un petit problème quand je veut afficher un rapport de logiciel . Il m'est impossible de sélectionnez le mois et l’année affin de générer le rapport : Version english Hello, I have a little problem when I want to view a software report. I am unable to select the month and year in order to generate the report:
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