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  1. Quick Question, Currently we are in the process of switching to co management but still pilot testing. I just found out that Intune has it's own Bitlocker management tools so did I waist all my time setting up on-prem MBAM? or can I still use it to access and manage key information? If I can still use it, is it possible to setup the Self service portal on an IBCM point? It is currently setup on the primary management point that is setup for Intranet clients only. Also sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area still learning how to navigate the site. Thank you,
  2. Hi Niall, I'm currently running MECM 2002 and I have followed your guides but I want to use the bitlocker encryption certificate so I have followed the Microsoft documentation. I have created the cert but I get and error when trying to produce the policy in MECM. The error is Plain text storage of recovery information required when the Bitlocker Management encryption certificate has not been deployed. Where do I have to deploy it too? I have two management points both on prem one is an IBCM both using HTTPS. Thank you EDIT: I had the policy open while I created the cert. Clo
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