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  1. you can use SCCM to destribute MED-V Workspace package to end user but not Manage MED-v Images.
  2. I create Adobe Package And i distribute it to specific Collection but the time to install it is too much. thanks
  3. Delay when Distribute Adobe Reader by SCCM to 20 PC how can install it Quickly thanks
  4. i can't understand the previous link but i tried to add new calsses at Summry of computers report by edit at the ststment but not use. if you have any simple Doc
  5. hi kindly i need to customize my Inventory report to show the follwing objects: -Computer name -OS -SP -Serial number for PC -Keyboard and mouse manufacture -Monitor Manufacture -RAM -processor -HD Thanks in advance
  6. hi i installed SCCM 2007 sp2 r2 and i tried to add new object at SCCM inventory report but it's failed so if any one have and step by step guid to add DESKTOP monitor and Keyboard manufacture to Inventory report . thanks
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