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  1. Hi. At one of the locations we have a RODC (Read only domain controller) and we would like to automate the deployment here. At that location we also have a Secondary site. I have looked at the following post http://myitforum.com/myitforumwp/2012/06/25/offline-domain-join-with-mdt/ in the section Offline Domain Join – Automatically using Unattend.xml but it requires a Web service that we do not want to implement. It is stated that this can also be solved with a script, but I cant find such a script. Has anyone solved this in another way, or do you have such a script? Thanks a lot for the reply.
  2. and yes you will need to push the content to the secondary site DPs. Move the boundaries, Then upgrade the clients so that they are assigned to the secondary. How many will there be at the secondary site?
  3. How do you want the 2012 hierarchy to look like? One primary and two secondary sites?
  4. Hi There are no issues having a Master FEP policy for all servers. Works just fine, but do not exclude to much. Having a dedicated policy for hyperv and Citrix is a good ting.
  5. also after the redeployment with the patch option, the computer is not set to Obsolete=yes in the sccm console.
  6. Hello anyweb. Is this a supported solution for patching up the SCCM client with hotfixes during OSD? I tried this with the hotfix above and it worked great for a OS deployment on a "new computer" (a computer that does not have the sccm client), but when i redeploy this computer it hangs on the Windows update step at 0%, and when i force a reboot i see the following error in the sccm console: MP has rejected a message from client GUID:B73F2B74-4921-42E9-83D1-DC71150CC480 because it was signed with a public key that does not match the key published in the database. If i redeploy the client once more without the patch= option the computer deploys as it should. The workaround now is to delete the computer in the SCCM console, and import it again as a new computer, then there are no errors.
  7. Hello First of all, you dont need disable the multicast feature to run a unicast. Just change the advertisment to run everything from DP, or create a advertisment just for Multicast (to a collection) and other advertisments to another collection for unicast. Or do not set the OS image to be multicast enabled. Second: The "error" you describe is a common issue (seen this on 4 different installations where Multicast is in use), and Microsoft has knowledge about this. Do not know if there is a fix anywhere. So you have to make a choice: 1. do not use Multicast (remove the PXE role, then remove Multicast, and WDS, afterwards install WDS and PXE roole again) 2. Have multicast enabled, and create a advertisment for Multicast and another advertisment for Unicast. Hope this could shed some light
  8. XP doesnt support major HAL changes, this will lead to BlueScreen. Like Sata changes, or CPU Singel/multi core changes. This can not change from the system captured to the system deployed. Is my understanding.
  9. Hello What about using a Protected Distribution Point? Then the hierarchy wont crow and become more complex. You can deploy the PDP from the Primary site.
  10. hello you might have som pending reboot entries in registry, known issue for similar problems. Or you can try to kill msiexec processes running on the computer? if any.
  11. some sort of MAC adress filtering may also be a solution? The dual PXE solution: http://www.deployvista.com/Blog/JohanArwidmark/tabid/78/EntryID/99/language/sv-SE/Default.aspx
  12. Also. You can configure a delay: By default, the Configuration Manager 2007 PXE service point is configured to respond immediately to network PXE requests. You can configure a delay when setting up the PXE service point if there are multiple PXE servers on your network so that the Configuration Manager 2007 PXE service point will wait the specified amount of time before responding to network PXE requests.
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