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  1. Should I not use the option on Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > SiteName > Hierarchy Settings > Client Upgrade?
  2. I don't understand what you want. It is version 1902.
  3. How do I set up a non-reboot upgrade? I don't see that option.
  4. I think I got it figured out. I was using lower case letters. I didn't realize it was case sensitive.
  5. Sorry to revive such an old post. I followed the guide and the WindowsSetupCompatibilityScanResults.ps1 script run and shows the results that it is supposed to, however, the variable WindowsSetupCompatibiltyScan never gets set. What could be wrong?
  6. I want to update the client on my computers. A lot of the computers are running old clients. I haven't done the upgrade because one of the updates reboots the computer. Is there a way to have it automatically upgrade clients but not force the reboot?
  7. I know you can unlock drives during OSD when you use MBAM. Is it possible to do this when you don't use MBAM but instead use AD to store the keys?
  8. How do I set up my task sequence and settings so that it prepares the partitions during OSD but doesn't actually bitlocker it until after I join to the domain?
  9. I want to use Stand-alone media to install systems that aren't currently connected to our domain. The computers will eventually be connected and joined to the domain. Is there a way to enable bitlocker and install MBAM during the OS install and have it register in the MBAM database when it joins to the domain?
  10. I have SCCM CB and also use SCEP. Some of my clients aren't updating the SCEP definitions. What log do I look in to troubleshoot? I don't see anything in the EndpointPotectionAgent.log file.
  11. Anyone? Here is a better explanation of what I am seeing. It is exactly the same as this person. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/de926475-345c-48ce-86c3-dbbfde160cd8/installing-multiple-language-packs-in-windows-10?forum=win10itprosetup
  12. I'm doing it like you show. I should add that if I select another language as my display language during OSD it will display in that language so I know the language packs are installing correctly. For example, I have my task sequence always install the German and English language. If I choose French, the display language is french but it installs English, French and German. The operating system will be in French but it doesn't show English or German as being installed if that makes sense.
  13. I'm installing some language packs during OSD. After W10 is installed and running, should I see those language packs listed in the "Region & language" settings? Currently, I do not but if I "Add a language" and choose one that I installed during OSD, it asks for an admin username/password but then installs without going out to the internet so it looks like at least the bits are installed. Is this expected bahavior?
  14. I autoname my computers based on whether it is a notebook or desktop. Currently, I use a WMI query to differentiate the computers. The query is "Select * from Win32 Battery where Battery status is > 0". This query works for everything but Surface Pro's. It thinks they are desktops. Is there a query of some sort to differentiate Surface Pro's from desktops?
  15. Thanks but I already have a reboot before the software install.
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