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  1. I currently use machine based deployments but as more and more software seems to go to use bases licensing, I'm thinking of shifting to user based deployments. I have a few questions though. Is user based deployments the future? Is MS guiding users towards using it or is it still based on each application? How do I move from machine based to user based while still keeping it on machines that currently have the software? Are there any downfalls to using user based deployments?
  2. I have a task sequence that runs in Windows that is used to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10. The task sequence ran fine until I install Configuration Manager 1910, now it stalls with the status "Waiting to install". Since it is before the task sequence can actually run, I can't check smsts.log for issues. What other log file should I look at? Has anyone experienced the same thing?
  3. I haven't approved any feature packs above 1809. Some computers seem to be ingoring SCCM for the feature packs and going to MS, thus installing them (1909). While I look into why they are doing this, is the a group policy setting that will allow me to turn of installation of feature packs from MS? In case it matters, all of my clients are running Enterprise edition.
  4. How do I only do a mandatory assignment to users primary devices?
  5. Is there a way to deploy software to a users device only and make all other devices they log into "available"? For examle: User A regularly logs into computer A, so SCCM makes them the primary user. User A then logs in compuer B one time so it is not their primary device. I want the software the is deployed to User A to install automatically on computer A but only be available to install in Software Center on computer B.
  6. I hope this is the correct forum. I have a task sequence the upgrades Windows 7 computers to Windows 10. I also have devices that have Office 2010 and want to upgrade those to Office 2016 when Windows gets upgraded. Is there a way to check to see if a current version of the application is installed and if it is, install another application or even set a TS variable?
  7. I have Endpoint Protection and Defender configured with SCCM. Most clients report correctly but there are some that don't update virus definitions and/or don't report on when the last time they ran a full scan was. What logs should I look at to troubleshoot this?
  8. How big should the log files be? I made the change and did as setup, I got 2 smsts logs that are around 5MB each.
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