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  1. I have Endpoint Protection and Defender configured with SCCM. Most clients report correctly but there are some that don't update virus definitions and/or don't report on when the last time they ran a full scan was. What logs should I look at to troubleshoot this?
  2. How big should the log files be? I made the change and did as setup, I got 2 smsts logs that are around 5MB each.
  3. Have you had a chance to look at the logs?
  4. This is great. Is there a way to have it "time out" and continue on with the upgrade if either the computer isn't logged on or the user doesn't respond in a certain amount of time?
  5. I zipped the 3 SMSTS files. The computer name is us-war-w0051 smsts.zip
  6. I don't see anything that stands out to me regarding the client.
  7. I've got a weird issue. I use an OSD task sequence in Config Manger to install Windows 10 on new computers. Up until recently, it was working perfectly. Now when I deploy a new computers, if I look under Assets and Clients > Devices, I can find the computer but it shows Client as No. If I search for the GUID that the Configuration Manager client uses, it shows the name as "unknown". How do I get these to sync up?
  8. Kevin79


    Is there a report that will list the computers, primary users and last time a certain program was used? Software Metering is turned on.
  9. Should I not use the option on Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > SiteName > Hierarchy Settings > Client Upgrade?
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