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I am new to the Configuration Manager environment that I am currently in although I have managed Configuration Manager in a different environment for years. My current organization has ADR's set up to deploy updates. There are two ADR's, one for Windows and one for O365. They both run weekly (they say it is incase updates are release out of schedule) and apply to our beta group immediately with the deadline 1 day after and the rest of the computers after 7 days with the deadline 7 days after that.

What happens if the following scenario happens?

  1. Microsoft releases updates on the second Tuesday (March 10)and the ADR picks them up.
    1. Beta group is released to immediately (March 10) with a deadline of Wednesday (March 11).
    2. The rest of the computers are scheduled to get the updates 7 days later (March 17) with a deadline the following Tuesday (March 24).
  2. Microsoft releases an important security update on March 13.

Do the clients still get the original updates on March 17 with a deadline of March 24?

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