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  1. Sure so we use a wrapper called psappdeploy which for intune is invaluable (intune logs are really painful to go through) PSAppDeployToolkit. It has some additional functions so all we have for installing office is below lines: # Try to remove any existing office install write-log "Trying to remove old versions of Office staged on build" Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\setup.exe" -Parameters "/CONFIGURE remove.xml" -ContinueOnError $true -IgnoreExitCodes '*' # Install fresh office write-log "Installing Office" Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\setup.exe" -Parameters "/CONFIGURE Office64.xml Have to make sure you ignoreexitcodes for removal as for example base windows ISO from Microsoft wouldnt have it in place - and without ignoring error codes it would just fail before trying to install office.
  2. Yeh whilst an option i just decided to go the destroy way so we have packages to remove all the unneeded software and as mentioned above modified the office install to attempt to remove office whilst also supressing error codes. PSAPPDEPLOY code is Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\setup.exe" -Parameters "/CONFIGURE remove.xml" -ContinueOnError $true -IgnoreExitCodes '*' and remove xml is below - not sure i need the remove all true whilst also calling out products but the reality sometimes doesnt match the documentation with Microsoft <?xml version="1.0"?> -<Configuration> <Display AcceptEULA="True" Level="None"/> <Property Value="TRUE" Name="FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN"/> -<Remove All="TRUE"> -<Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail"> <Language ID="en-us"/> </Product> -<Product ID="VisioProRetail"> <Language ID="en-us"/> </Product> -<Product ID="ProjectProRetail"> <Language ID="en-us"/> </Product> </Remove> </Configuration>
  3. Just to add to our troubleshooting I learned something new today in that when Office is removed completely from a device the Outlook profile still hangs about. We were re-installing and it wasnt fixing for the user. I had to manually go in and purge some Outlook folders in local/roaming %appdata% We also noticed that the broken profile created a .pst in the documents folder - as we had OneDrive configured in Known Folder Move it was constantly trying to replicate changes and it cant. Part of reasons .pst files arent supported within OneDrive
  4. in investigation so far appears to be the embedded office and removing all traces of office then adding seems to work. I had to move away from the native intune package as when it failed was never any useful information as to why or how in logs. Using PSappdeploy also gives feedback on progress and additional logging using the xml creator in Apps Admin Center (office.com)
  5. Just found this post as we have randomly hit this issue on HP devices but specifically the G7 variety - we have many G6 devices in place and they are fine. I checked the update channel and we are current channel but we found the issue on machines that had Visio installed strangely only. I am also digging and if find anything will post on here
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