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  1. Unfortunately I'm sure and the evidence also gives me the distmgr.log. Successfully updated the package server status for ["Display=\\XXXcmg.cloudapp.net\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=XXX"]\\XXXcmg.cloudapp.net\ for package XXX00002, Status 0 I tried to remove XXX00002 package from the TS but it also behaves exactly with others in the same TS. The strange thing is that I can authenticate, I see the list of available TS but, at the time of download, I get the error. I'm really sad as I think I'm one step away from the goal Cheers, Hawk
  2. Hi, I can login and see the all TS published. During the download, however, I receive a error list in my smsts.log "Content location request for XXX00002: 12 failed error. (Code 0x80004005)". All the content of the selected TS is obviously distributed on the CMG. Thanks 1000 for what you do
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