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  1. I'm following this Lync guide... DC + Front End + Back End + MA server I wonder is this all needed or just yours set up DC and front server I get but back end server en ma server needs to be apart then FE? any explanation would be helpfull thanks guys
  2. Hello everyone here I 'm glad i found this forum, I read a lot of information about sccm sms server 2K3 etc here,very nice! now I have a lot of questions cause this all is new for me, and I haven't a lot of experience in servers sccm sms or others relatives:) anyway the first thing I guess what I have to know What does I need software for running SCCM 2007 @ work NET 2.0 MMC3.0 WEBDav but in some integrated I readed I guess we going for a SCCM 2007 license and not R or R2 , can we download (for free)the SP2 like we do in windows xp for example so for explaining better my whole project and the things that are important for me so I can learn as much as possible for my work we need to implement SCCM cause we want to deploy XP on the pcs roll out etc now we work with clients= xp servers 2K3 SP1 with the time we going to do an migration to Windows 7 /W server 2008 and SCCM 2007 Exchange sharepoint (basics) that's it for the work related. Now @home I have installed vmware with server client 2k8 standard full installation /xp SP2 I was thinking to give it a try to install sccm and experimenting for issues,'playing' with settings so that I work can do my best with a minimum of faults etc to know working with sccm I have found some nice information CBT NUGGETS etc 70-401 but like i typed before I m new@ this! I hope one way another this information is usefull,and I can be helped in my way to work succesfully with SCCM
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