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  1. Hello, I am looking for a Cmdlet that will show me a list of mailboxes a user has full access to. All the commands I found just give me a list of all mailboxes in the database that have full access. Thank you Johnny D.
  2. I am using SCCM. This reports are also included in SCCM, but when I run both of these reports I get the same results; CPU birth dates up until 2006. I also made changes to the sms_def.mof file and switched everything to TRUE for CPU's and still not getting a full report. I hope they fix this on R3. Thank you John D.
  3. Hi I'm trying to create a report to find the age of our computers. I tried running a report using CPU_Birth but it only shows me CPU age until 2006 and anything after that is not available. I just wanted to know if anybody was able to create the same type of report with success or if there is another way possible to get full results. Thank you
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