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  1. that's pants, So if your using a Build & capture process every time you do a new build you have to remove the System image & start again. Not a very practical solution. There should be an option in the image properties so you can remove the Installed updates listed.
  2. Hi Niall, not sure what you mean? I could remove the system image which links to the WIM & add again but then this will get a different package ID & the link to this in my TS's will be lost.
  3. The Offline process doesn't actually seem to check the WIM to see what updates are added. I have been updating my offline updates to my image over the year. Today I had to do a new build & capture to recreate this image. So I go to add the offline updates to my new clean image but it says there are no updates to add. Looking at the installed updates on this System image shows all the updates I've added over time but I know no of these will be added to this WIM. How do you go about clearing what Installed Updates SCCM thinks are applied so you can get it to start from scratch? The only way I can see how to do this would be to delete the system image & recreate it but that will then have repercussions to the TS's linked to the image.
  4. tried adding both ways but I have had issues. ill have to leave it for now as we've got 100 surface 3's to get out asap. A couple of notes with surface 3's which may help others. 1. If your using the Official Dock or Gigabit Ethernet Adapter you need to import the Gigabit Ethernet driver into your boot.wim & driver packs. When importing it will add an x86 inf. If this gets imported into the boot.wim the devices will boot to just before the password box then just reboot. Remove this x86 driver & winpe boots successfully. Microsoft have not separated the x64 & x86 drivers in different folders. 2. to force power off you have to hold power & up on the volume button. If I recall the surface1/2 you just held the power off button. If the device is not shutdown correctly from windows it may not PXE boot (volume down & power on). In this case, force power of, switch on, wait till backlight on screen fires up the press power button once to switch off. Next time you Press for PXE it will work successfully. 3. Bitlocker encryption with recovery key in AD didn't work until I made the following mod. Had to set this reg key for it to function., Issue explained here http://netecm.netree.ch/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=80 powershell.exe -command "New-Item -Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft -Name FVE; Set-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\FVE -Name OSEnablePrebootInputProtectorsOnSlates -Value 1 -Type DWord -Force"
  5. if I enter the wsf file first that runs, but not the vbs. if I reverse them the vbs runs but not the wfs before it bombs. wscript.exe Deploy\Scripts\ZTIMediaHook.wsf & cscript.exe Deploy\Scripts\WinPE_TimeSync.vbs
  6. Didn't like the script in the root of the Prestart directory. it just ignored it and only run the ZTIMediaHook.wsf put it in Deploy & Put the WinPE_TimeSync.vbs first, it started running that script but took a while & in the mean time the TS went to 8004005, Didn't get to prompt for Computer name from the ZTIMediaHook.wsf before the error which normally indicates date/time issue. I've reversed the scripts to see if that works, ill grab the logs this time
  7. I wasn't putting a space, that might of been my problem. Here is what im running wscript.exe Deploy\Scripts\ZTIMediaHook.wsf & cscript.exe WinPE_TimeSync.vbs
  8. Hi Niall, This works a treat on my default boot image. I would like to add this to my MDT boot image I use in SCCM but already have a Prestart command. Someone suggest you can run multiple prestart commands by adding a '&' between them but when I run this command along with another yours doesn't run but the other command does. Have you ever used multiple prestart commands and what is the separator? regards Chiners_68
  9. Hi Neil, What would be you recommended hardware requirements & vhd config for a single Primary Site server , serving up to 3000 clients in VM vSphere environment? I would put OS(C:), SCCM(D:), SQL(E:) on the same box. vCPU's 2? vCores 4? Memory 16BGB? VHD - one VHD for each drive with dedicated disks? is it advisable to have another drive dedicated to the Transaction logs? or can these sit happily on one of the existing drives? Chiners
  10. Hi Nial, followed your guide adding the patch preperties in an SCCM B&C TS. when it gets to installing the configmgr client the TS falls over & it sits at a windows 7 login screen.
  11. Hi Niall, Tried running cscript c:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx with my windows 7 KMS key from mvlsc bit I gett error 0xc004f015. Ive read around & one forun sugestion was you only use the windows 7 kms key if your installing KMS on a windows 7 box? is this correct & do I just need to install the 2008R2 KMS key as my server is that? I only want to activate win7/office 2010 clients for now though.
  12. im about to put in 80 new machines on a site & was going windows 7 so will be over the 25. Just wasnt sure what would happen to the windows 7 machines in the mean time that will be below 25 if they wont activate. I presume you have to activate them in a 3 day time period like the normal mAK activation. I didnt want to put some machines out then they disable features because they havent activated as id not reached 25. hope this makes sense ive got a stinking headache today.
  13. Current Scenario, I have around 2000 workstations. All are on XP SP3 bar a couple of techie machines which are on Windows 7 & are activated with our VLS MAK key. We are starting to deploy windows 7 now & need to install KMS server but i have a few questions. Can I put KMS on Server 2008 R2 & Activate Windows 7 & office 2010 clients? KMS works when you have more than 25 machines to activate. In the menatime while your working to 25 what do you do to activate the present windows 7 machines(say 5)? do you get a key generated from the KMS server which you put into the sysprep for the windows 7 machines or do you leave the key field blank on client install? Can I convert my MAK activated machines to KMS & how do you do this?
  14. here is another fix somone has pointed me to on technet sccm forum. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/979492
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