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  1. Here is a problem again. I ran a mgrate from XP task sequence on a XP client, but none of my data migrated to Windows. Only the desktop wall paper got migrated. Data from desktop, my documents,PST files did not migrate. All data was gone. I am attaching the few log files so that you can grab the culprit!! Please help! loadstate.log scanstate.log smsts.log
  2. I gigured out the issue. Actually I was trying to import the TS to SCCM console wihout enabling the MDT2010.Once I enabled the MDT and created all required packages using "Create Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence" wizard I was able to import the TS. Now I am testing the TS for XP to Windows hardlink migration. If I come across any issue I will post back here. Thanks for your great step by step articles and soulution to SCCM erros. Umesh
  3. HI, I have downloaded the task sequence from this web site but I am not able to import that to my SCCM console. I have installed MDT2010 on same sever on which my SCCM2007SP2 resides. When I try to imoprt the TS it thoows an error: "An error ocurred while storing the task sequence.Please see logs for more information." I am not able to figure out what is the issue. Things I have done so far are: Created an image of windows 7 Created a package for USMT I have already tested the stand alone deployment of the captured image. Can I do the hardlink migration( XP to Windows7) wi
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